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Short Uganda City Trips - tours to historical sites, cultural sites and religious sites in Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe.


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Kampala City
Kampala City

Uganda’s urban areas are increasingly coming to the attention of tourists as elegant heritage destinations. This is due to the rich historical development of these towns filled with a rich heritage, green environments and the beautiful natural landscape. Kampala, the county's capital and business hub, is the suitable base for exploring Uganda. Built upon seven hills like Rome, the city thrives in a mix of cultures and green environments that make this city a pleasant heritage site. The Kasubi tombs-a world heritage site, Uganda museum, offer living historic trips, and culture outings while the Bahai temple, Uganda martyrs shrine and other religious centres offer the base for spiritual tours and discovery of Uganda as the most spiritual destination in Africa! The Kabaka's Lake –is another popular canoeing spot while the nearby Lake Victoria offers opportunities of golfing, fishing and captivating boat rides.

Jinja is another adrenaline destination as given the water sporting holiday options this beautiful town can offer. Situated 80km from Kampala, Jinja rests at the Source of the Nile, the spot where the Nile starts its 6500 km journey to the Mediterranean Sea (a three months journey!). For adrenalin activities, the Bujagali Falls are East Africa's answer to the more famous Victoria Falls. For world-class-White Water rafting on the World’s second longest river, Bungee jumping, Kayaking, River boarding, Boat rides, Horse rides and riverside entertainment: barbecues, camping, biking, acrobatic shows, stunts masters, Jinja is the only destination to stay in Africa!

Fortportal is another peaceful and most stunning town to visit. Snuggled away on the slopes of "The Mountains of The Moon" Fortportal is another heritage town with unique and stunning scenery as well as a rich cultural area hiding the treasures of one of Uganda’s Tooro Kingdom.


Kasubi Tombs
Kasubi Tombs


Fondly known as the green city in the sun, Kampala is the capital city of Uganda popularly known as the city on many hills. Kampala is the administrative and commercial capital of Uganda. The bright modern feel of this bustling, cosmopolitan city reflects the ongoing economic growth and political stability that has characterized Uganda since 1986. Unlike other African cities Kampala is the most peaceful city where you can find no racism and any form of discrimination. Foreigners mix freely with the locals given that Kampala is the most hospitable and welcoming town in Africa.

Sitting at an altitude of 1180m above sea level Kampala enjoys the best climatic conditions in the world with pleasant annual temperatures averaging 17 degrees Celsius (minimum) and 27 degrees Celsius (maximum). The city centre is a modern metropolis adorned with attractive vegetation and surrounded with great parks. There are lots of hotels, restaurants and hostels for people who wish to visit the country. Kampala now has a good mix of people from all over the world and this has brought new varieties of food to Kampala. To the south of the city is Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest fresh water lake and the source of the longest river in the world, the River Nile. More on Kampala


Jinja district is the commercial centre and the second largest city in Uganda. It is the industrial and tourist ‘heart beat of Uganda’. It has an attractively lush location on the northern shores of Lake Victoria above the Ripon falls identified by Speke in 1862 as the Source of the Nile, but submerged following the construction of the Owen Falls dam in the 1950s. Jinja was formerly the industrial heartland of Uganda and boasts as the country’s power engine with two hydro electric dams; the Owen falls/ Nalubaale and the new Kiira dams.

Jinja is known for the source of the Nile where waters from Africa’s longest river start their 6400 miles journey that ends in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the seat of the Busoga Kingdom one of the ancient political organizations in Uganda. Jinja’s attractions include numerous hotels and resorts, the Nile High Bang jump, white water rafting up stream at Bujagali falls, Bujagali shrines...More on Jinja


Fort Portal is a town in western Uganda. This spectacular town overlooking the mountains of the moon is the seat of both the Kabarole district and the Toro kingdom. Snuggled on the slopes of the Mt. Rwenzori ranges, Fortportal is an ideal tourism destination filled with a rich cultural heritage as well as beautiful landscape scenery. Fort Portal's misty evenings and picturesque mornings of panoramic greens, blues and oranges really make this rural town the best heritage destination where one can experience the culture, nature and a mix of scenic adventures..

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