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A 13-day wildlife safari in search of the mammals, particularly the primates, of Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth and other national parks, as well as the Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.


Bird Watching Safaris in Uganda



Birds in Queen Elizabeth National Park

With thousands of bird species, Uganda stands out as Africa’s best and most thrilling birding destination. Being a landlocked country, Uganda falls at the confluence of a number of regional centres of endemism (phytochoria) or biomes, each characterized with distinct African sought-after avifauna species. Its supreme biodiversity lies in its range of habitats which don’t only attract birds but also with the glamour of large mammals in immense wilderness. Despite of its small size the country boasts of more than 1010 species of birds distributed in its wide range of habitats. Uganda’s rich birdlife exists in the Guinea-Congo Forests with 144 species of birds restricted to it, Lake Victoria Basin with 12 species, Afro tropical Highlands with 87 species, Somali-Masai with 32 species and Sudan and Guinea savanna with 22 species. Due to this diversity of physiognomic characteristics, Uganda ranks among the richest countries in bird species in Africa in relation to its size, with over 1010 species so far recorded.

Uganda is arguably the best destination for core birders and Ecotourist seekers given the various range of habitats where bird watching can be carried out. These habitats range from snow capped mountain tops in the west to semi-arid areas in the north-east; rain forests in the centre and west to open waters of the numerous lakes. This diversity of habitats explains the unique biological diversity which includes endemic and globally threatened species. The bulk of the country lies in tropical Africa with the equator crossing the southern part of the country. It is bounded by the western arm of the rift valley in the west through a range of highlands along the western border including the Rwenzori Mountains and the Virungas in the south-western corner which attract birds endemic to the Albertine rift.

In the south, Lake Victoria (the second largest freshwater in the world) covers a substantial part of Uganda. The fresh water mass has various fringing wetland habitats ranging from lowland forests and papyrus swamps to open mud-flats. Some of these areas form important bird habitats that include large water bird congregations.

Mount Elgon and associated mountains in the east of the country form a distinct area. Lake Kyoga and its surrounding flood plain occupy the centre of the country. It is covered mainly by papyrus swamps and is expected to contain many of the birds endemic to the Lake Victoria biome, probably with a large population of shoebills. However, this region is largely unknown ornithologically.


Birds Along the Kazinga Channel
Birds at the Kazinga Channel - Queen Elizabeth NP

Uganda Birding Safaris


Bird Watching Safaris in Uganda

6 Days Uganda Birding Safari to Murchison Falls National Park - Other safari activities include game viewing, launch trip on the Nile, chimp tracking in Kibalew national park, etc

6 Days Uganda Birding Safari- This Bird Watching safari takes you birding from the Entebbe environments, Mabamba swamp a well known home fo the rare shoebill stork, Mabira forest, the Source of the Nile and Lake Mburo National park.

6 Days Uganda Birding Tour - This Ugada safari takes you birding from the Entebbe environments, Queen Elizabeth Nationl park hosting over 606 bird species and Lkae Bunyonyi

10 Days Uganda Gorilla Birding- This Uganda safari combines both birding from Uganda's best birding destinations and gorilla tracking from Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

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