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Budget Safari Holidays, Trips and Vacations -

Budget Tours in Uganda National Parks; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale, Lake Mburo and Bwindi Gorilla Forest famous for mountain gorilla trekking. These safaris include Gorilla Safaris, Wildlife Adventure tours and Leisure Camping trips in the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria.

Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla

Abacus African Vacations presents to you yet another safari product. With our Camping Safaris you have the opportunity to have a wonderful safari experience of Africa's wilderness adventures! These safaris not only bring you close to African nature but also give you the opportunity to diuscover Uganda's hidden treasures while incuring the lowest possible expenses on your African holiday!.

Our camping safaris are convenient for budget travellers who wouldlike to spend their hoiday vacations in Uganda while enjoying the best services. Our camping safaris vary from mobile camping to camping from well known designated camps which offer good accomodation at the lowest possible prices. Our camping safaris are suitable for reasonably fit people, fun-lovers, informative travelers, adventure seekers among others. Our camping safaris are convenient for both allocentrics, midcentrics and pscho centrics.

Our camping safaris will take you to different tourist destinations and hotspots in Uganda. These range from national parks to other unique destinations such as Lake Bunyonyi and the Ssese islands archipelago settled deep within Lake Victoria, Africa's largest waterbody as well as the World's second largest fresh waterbody.


Camping Safari Offers

Abacus African Vacations has proffessionally designed the following camping safari itineraries for you.

Budget Mountain Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking - Uganda Camping holiday in several national parks. Toursti activities on this trip include chimpanzee tracking from Kyambura and Kibale, Forest walks, Nature walks, game viewing, boatrides on Lake Bunyonyi, hunt for the tree climbing lions from the Ishasha.

Budget Uganda Safari to Lake Mburo National Park - This 3 Days wildlife safari takes you to Lake Mburo National park for an adventure holiday filled with game viewing, boat trips on Lake Mburo, community visits, guided nature walks, wilderness (jungle) tours.

Budget Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park - 3 Days Camping Holiday in Uganda's largest national park, Queen Elizabeth. Safari activities are game drives, game viewing, chimp trekking from the Kyambura gorge, exploration of the bat caves, birding, nature walks/forest walks, launch cruise on the Kazinga Channel

Budget Uganda Holiday -9 Days camping in the wildlife safari parks of Western Uganda; Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Semiliki National Park, Bwindi Gorilla Forest and Lkae Bunyonyi. Safari activities include mountain gorilla tracking, chimpanze tracking, game viewing, launch cruise on the Kazinga Channel, nature walks, and boat trips on Lake Bunyonyi

Gorilla Camping Tour -This safari takes you to Bwindi impenetrable Np for gorilla tracking, forest walks, primate walks and local community visits.

Camping in Uganda National Parks - 7 Days Camping Holiday in the top 3 national parks in Uganda; Kibale, Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Activities are chimpanzee tracking, forest walks, game drives, launch cruises, adventure-wilderness tours, gorilla tracking, local community visits.

Camping Safari to Murchison Falls - 4 Days Camping Holiday in Murchison Falls National Park. Tour activities on this trip include game viewing, climb to the top of the falls, launch trip on the Nile, chimp tracking in kaniyoPabidi and Forest walks.

Ssesse Islands Camping Holiday
- 3 Days Camping in Ssese Islands, an achipelago of around 84 islands found deep in Ssese Islands. Activities include boat rides, relaxation at the beach, nature walks, visits to the fishing villages, forest walks

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