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Mount Elgon Hiking Tour

Hiking Safaris in Uganda -

A 9 Days Uganda Hiking Safari to Wagagai Peak on Mount Elgon, located on the borders of Uganda and Kenya.


Trekking Safari in Uganda



Mount Elgon National Park
Mount Elgon - Eastern Uganda

This Uganda Hiking Safari starts and finishes in Kampala. This safari takes you to Mt Elgon National park found in the Eastern part of Uganda’s border with Kenya. The park adopts its names from Mt Elgon, Uganda’s second highest mountain. The mountain today exists as an extinct volcano rising up to 4321 Km above sea level. Though the park lies both in Uganda and Kenya its highest peak-the Wagagai peak lies in Uganda and the mountain can be best ascended from Uganda. Mt Elgon region is an important watershed, and its slopes support a rich variety of altitudinal vegetation zones ranging from montane forest to high open moorland studded with the other-worldly giant lobelia and groundsel plants.

The mountain provides spectacular natural scenery which is the main attraction for hikers on this oft-neglected and relatively undemanding mountain. Natural attractions include the Sipi falls, Calderas/Crater rims, and gorges. Other attractions in the park include forest monkeys, small antelopes, Bushbucks, tree hyrax, buffaloes, waterbucks, duikers, bush pigs, leopards, elephants and buffaloes. The park also recorded about 300 bird species with many of them not being recorded elsewhere in Uganda.

In the nearby communities you may also visit the ancient cave paintings close to the trailhead at Budadiri, and spectacular caves and hot springs within the crater terraced coffee plantations and the bamboo forests. The local people’s culture is also wonderful most especially when the Gishu tribe members are holding their Imbalu-Circumcision ceremonies.


Jackson Pool - Mount Elgon National Park
Jackon Pool - Mount Elgon National Park

Tour Itinerary

Day 1; Kampala - Mount Elgon

Our safari guide will pick you from your hotel and drive to Mt Elgon National park passing via Jinja road. Have a stop over at the Mabira Forest for a short forest walk. From Jinja you will make a visit to the famous source of the Nile- the world's longest river, and the Bujagali Falls. Finally reach Mbale late in the evening. Dinner and overnight at the Sipi Falls Rest Camp/Mbale Resort Hotel/Wash and Willis Country Home.

Day 2: Sasa River Camp

A climb starts in the morning. Ascend via the Sasa trail and then descend via the Piswa trail. This journey takes approximately 4 hours. From Budadiri take on the trail that leads to Sasa River Camp and this may take approximately 2 hours.

Day 3: Mude Cave

From Sasa River camp climb to Sasa Patrol Hut (2 hrs). From Sasa Patrol Hut take on one hour climb to Mude Cave campsite. If you are experienced / stronger climber, you may leave Mude and continue climbing up to Jackson's summit 4,192 m (2 hrs climb). Dinner and overnight at Mude Cave.

Day 4: Wagagai Peak

Early in the morning, from Mude Cave climb to Wagagai Peak (4,321 m).This takes approximately 4 hours. After resting return to Mude Cave for an Overnight.

Day 5: Hunters Cave

Camp From Mude Cave descend to the Caldera and Hot Springs (4 hrs). Camp at the Caldera to hunter's Cave after a 4 hours journey.

Day 6: Piswa Patrol Hut

From the Hunter's Cave Camp trail head to Piswa Patrol Hut. This takes about 6 hours.

Day 7: Kapchorwa

From Piswa Patrol Hut, connect to Kamnarkut and later trek to Kapchorwa. This journey takes about 5-6 hours.

Day 8: Sipi rest camp

After break fast visit the Romantic Sipi Falls found in Kapchorwa, north of Mbale. Camp at the Sipi Rest Camp for an overnight.

Day 9: Return to Kampala

After breakfast, return to Kampala. Have Lunch enroute. Finally reach Kampala late afternoon.

On the Hiking Safari, please observe the following

  • Requirements for mountaineering include ropes, crampons, appropriate equipment for cold, windy and icy conditions and other appropriate mountaineering equipments. Physical fitness and good health.
  • The best time to climb the mountain is from June - August and December - February.
End of the Elgon Trekking Adventure Safari

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Elgon Trekking Safari
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